3D Digital Twins

AssetCare 3D
AssetCare® 3D
Be there, without being there. 24/7.
Reality Capture provides the foundation. Then take your operations to the next level with Virtual Operations.

Greater operational efficiency and more effective capital project execution

AssetCare 3D provides you a digital replica of your facility that combines accurate asset information with high precision 3D laser scans of the physical footprint of your site. Improve staff productivity and on-site safety, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and improve the reliability and lifespan of your assets.

Innovation leads to transformation
Streamlined communication, collaboration and visibility of critical assets and evergreen data through AssetCare by all team members and stakeholders, anywhere in the world, gives you the advantage you need to be proactive in your operational and capital project planning.

AssetCare 3D helps you visualize and manage your facility and critical assets, remotely and effortlessly.

Up to 200%
Improvement to the rate of staff productivity due to ease of access to accurate condition of physical assets through task planning
Up to 30%
Reduction to the need to continually call on contractors and other resources to confirm asset information over time
Up to 50%
Reduction in costly in-person site visits and operational planning required to safely bring people to site

Here's how AssetCare Works

Reality Capture
Reality Capture provides you with accurate, reliable digital replicas of your facilities, available wherever you need them, for maximum visibility.
Virtual Operations
Virtual Operations provides the in-depth insight into the operational and maintenance workflows that facilities need to drive efficiency and productivity.

AssetCare provides a holistic view of your facility and operations.

Control system health, equipment monitoring, remote collaboration. These are all essential components for more efficient facility operations and increased productivity. 3D Digital Twin combined with AssetCare for Connected Industry and Connected Worker provides a powerful, holistic view of your facility and its operating health.

Workers in a Gas Plant
Connected Industry
AssetCare provides you with a single trusted view into the ongoing health of your assets, no matter the vendor or vintage. We identify issues and provide guidance about how to resolve them before they impact production or require more expensive maintenance, saving you time and money.
Connected Worker
AssetCare provides workers in the field with instant, hands-free access to documentation and expert assistance on demand, allowing your team to operate at the highest level of safety and efficiency.

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