About mCloud


To use the latest secure, cloud, mobile and IoT technologies to bring together people, data and knowledge to improve the health and performance of energy assets.


We envision an Asset Circle of CareTM where:

  • Energy Assets, sensors and devices that are connected via loT (Internet of Things);
  • Real-time and historical data always available in the cloud;
  • Complex assets are optimized and receive the care and attention they need;
  • 3D Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile technology connect people, experts and assets for real-time collaboration;
  • Performance data and analytics provide advice for prescriptive maintenance actions and optimal performance;
  • Total visibility and transparency of all aspects of assets under care, including complete engineering, equipment health, and performance data available 24/7.

About mCloud

Universal mCloud Corp (“mCloud”), headquartered in the Vancouver, BC, with Technology and Operations Centers in San Francisco, CA and Bristol, PA, rallies all asset stakeholders around an Asset-Circle-of-Care™, providing complete real‐time and historical data coupled with advice derived from the latest analytics and diagnostics to enable optimal performance and care of critical energy equipment. It’s all about the asset. The powerful and secure AssetCare™ environment is accessible everywhere, 24/7 through standard mobile devices and ruggedized headsets.

Our Team

The mCloud team consists of seasoned professionals with many years of experience applying new technology that enables new solutions to address existing challenges. mCloud is bringing together a number of companies and technology with the focus on improving the care and performance of complex assets.

The team has many successful examples from its individual and collective past, coming together once more to enable the Asset Circle of Care™.

Mike Allman – Executive Chairman

Mike is a highly-accomplished CEO and Chairman, with extensive experience in growing, restructuring, and optimizing business strategies and operations for Fortune 300 corporations and top-tier consulting firms around the world. He recently was the COO of Bit Stew Systems. a leading IoT cloud company acquired by GE Digital, and previously served as President and CEO of Southern California Gas Company.

Russ McMeekin – Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Russ is a Silicon Valley executive, most recently as a Founding Partner of Energy Knowledge Inc. that was acquired by Yokogawa Electric Company. In his role as Executive Chairman of Yokogawa Venture Group, he led the acquisitions of Industrial Evolution and KBC Technologies, an energy software and consulting company in the United Kingdom. Prior to that Russ was CEO of SCI Energy Inc. a Silicon Valley cloud building energy efficiency company now based in Dallas TX. Russ was President and CEO of NASDAQ listed PGI for 6 years. Russ was also President of the Internet Business Units at Honeywell International which included joint ventures with Microsoft, United Technologies, and i2 Technologies. These ventures pioneered the industrial internet space starting in late 90’s

Michael A. Sicuro – Co-Founder, Chief Investment and Financial Officer

Michael has over 35 years of operating and financial experience in a variety of industries, specializing in several verticals in both technology and healthcare. He served as the CEO for Media DNA, a digital rights management software company, and CCS Medical, a medical device distribution business. He was also the CFO for US Oncology and Blue Cross of California and the CFO/COO for three publicly traded software and technology companies. Mr. Sicuro has extensive experience with the public and private capital markets, executing numerous transactions on both the buy and sell side (including four successful exits), and in raising growth and restructuring capital. He also served as an operating partner with a $25 billion private equity fund. In addition, Mr. Sicuro spent over 10 years in the financial services industry, serving as the CFO for several multi-billion dollar institutions, including working with the former Secretary of the Treasury and Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Costantino Lanza – Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Costantino (Tino) is versed in applying advanced technologies to traditional asset intensive industries with many years of direct experience, most recently with Yokogawa Venture Group. Tino has served in leadership roles at Honeywell and ExxonMobil before becoming CEO of INOVx Solutions from 2006 to 2015 where 3D technologies were used to improve asset performance management.

Our Customers

AssetCare™ connected to Customers with Over 10,000 Target Assets

Case Studies

AssetCare™ is driving operational and energy management programs for many national and regional multi-site enterprises.

Bank of America, one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serves approximately 57 million consumers and businesses in the United States. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is founded upon its belief that with great prominence comes an equal degree of responsibility, both to the communities in which they operate and to the world at large.

To implement their energy conservation strategy, Bank of America turned to mCloud (formerly Field Diagnostics). In addition to deploying mCloud’s HVAC Service Assistant™ product to optimize energy savings for the HVAC units in their portfolio, they also installed mCloud’s Synergy product to identify cost savings opportunities across 3,600 bank facilities. To date, Synergy’s advanced fault detection and diagnostics algorithms, mathematical models and knowledge-based rules have been used to deliver a 12% energy reduction across the portfolio. As an organization which consumes over a quarter billion dollars of electricity annually, this level of savings is a great first step in Bank of America’s pledge to fulfill its role as a responsible citizen and leader in the global energy community.

Large National Multi-Site Retailer

One of the largest arts and crafts specialty retailer in North America annually serves millions of customers from over 1,400 locations in the USA and Canada. Their commitment to environmental sustainability reflects a belief organizations like theirs have a degree of environmental responsibility to both the communities in which they operate and to the world at large.

As part of their energy conservation strategy, they turned to mCloud for EMS support services. Our Call Center leverages proactive monitoring and proprietary analytics to deliver 97% EMS site/component uptime vs the industry standard of ~90%. Our customer also challenged us to protect their critical HVAC assets via real-time support of on-site technicians.

In addition to meeting their energy efficiency targets, in the fiscal year 2016 alone, our customer saved more than $2,000,000 by avoiding over 10,000 maintenance dispatches. This level of savings has a major impact in their stores’ pledge to fulfill their role as a responsible corporate citizen and a recognized leader in the global energy community.

Corporate Values

  • Provide a safe, fun and rewarding work environment.
  • Enable the best use of valuable assets and natural resources.
  • Create worthwhile local jobs supported by a global network.
  • Minimize carbon footprint and contribute to GHG reduction through our direct actions.
  • Encourage responsible social behavior from all stakeholders.
  • Maintain competitive compensation for all stakeholders.

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