AssetCare 3D- Reality Capture

AssetCare 3D - Reality Capture
Accurate, reliable digital replicas of your facilities.
Available wherever you need them, for maximum visibility.

Accurate as-built asset data delivered seamlessly via cloud based AssetCare™ creates a foundation for digital transformation.

Assetcare puts a wealth of information and accurate data at your fingertips, enabling:  

  • Remote Maintenance Tasking Planning and Collaboration
  • As-Built Access, Management and Updates
  • P&ID Integration and Updates
  • Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence
Consistent data, no matter your location
AssetCare 3D Reality Capture takes away the guesswork with 2D documentation and provides your team with one version of the truth. Using existing 3D scans of your facility, new scans created by our team, or a combination of the two, we create an accurate digital replica and cloud-based asset repository to increase operational efficiency and effective project execution.
Easy classification and identification of all equipment and critical assets
Equipment labels are embedded into the 3D laser scans and are easily searchable by location or name to reduce the amount of time required to search for critical assets. Scans can be linked to Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&ID’s) to maintain As-Builts or support Integrity Management Programs.
Access information on-the-fly
AssetCare’s cloud based viewer enables facilities to maintain operational accuracy and visibility while reducing the need to manually check records and spend countless hours relaying information back to workers in the field.
Innovative thinking and safety prioritization
A requirement for faster diagnostics and troubleshooting with fewer workers allowed onsite is the new reality. AssetCare 3D Reality Capture arms your workers with the ability to quickly collaborate and solve problems, and helps you demonstrate compliance with OSHA and API guidelines.

Here's how AssetCare™ works


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