Four Key Reasons to Consider an Industrial Facility Modernization

Four Key Reasons to Consider an Industrial Facility Modernization

There are many different reasons to consider an industrial facility modernization project, and it's important to have a good understanding up front about why you need to modernize so you can plan ahead to ensure the project goes smoothly.

In this video, Gerald Friesen, Senior Project Manager, discusses the four key reasons why companies should consider industrial facility modernizations.

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1. Reliability - Everything in life starts out new, and ends up "old". Device and component failures are inevitable as systems age, and often can lead to costly unplanned outages. This can result in significant production and revenue loss.

2. Supportability - New versions of control system hardware and software are being released all the time, and vendor support for older systems can become scarce as technical resources retrain or retire, making it difficult to find assistance to get a system back up and running when needed.

3. New Technology - Technological advancements are happening at a far more rapid pace than we have seen in the past. Updating control system technology gives the ability to connect to IoT devices, up-to-date virus protection, and other major advances.

4. Obsolescence - The end-of-life point for systems is inevitable. Being aware of timelines and planning ahead for modernization is critical.

Industrial Control System Modernization Experts

With over three decades of experience, mCloud is uniquely positioned to help you plan and execute control system modernization projects within your industrial facility. Whether you are considering upgrading an existing system to the newest version, or migrating to a new platform altogether, our experts can help you define your requirements, evaluate your options, and plan and execute the complete project end-to-end.

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