mCloud Announces New AssetCare 3D User Interface

mCloud Announces New AssetCare 3D User Interface

A digital twin is a computer re-creation of a given area or facility. They are often used to model operations, simulate different scenarios or even identify stresses on specific pieces of equipment.

A 3D digital twin can save up to 60% on inspection time when compared to a manual inspection. If the records from a previous manual inspection are missing, damaged or otherwise unclear, the inspection and repair process may take longer. In many cases, this documentation has to be re-done each year.

By contrast, 3D digital twins eliminate human error, accelerate the planning and execution of maintenance and, by extension, significantly reduce downtime allowing you to generate more revenue from operations.

At our recent mCloud Connect event, we announced the launch of a completely reimagined user interface for our AssetCare 3D platform, including several new features.

Dave Weinerth, President of AssetCare Visual Intelligence, explains in this video.

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