Helping the Global Business Community meet their ESG Goals

Helping the Global Business Community meet their ESG Goals

A Shifting Scene

On the global stage, ESG has shifted in recent years from a noble pursuit to a matter of compliance. Spurred on by younger investors and investment leaders such as BlackRock, shareholders have made it clear that they will no longer be supporting companies that fall short in their support of the environment and key ESG goals.

This has given a sense of urgency for companies to adopt ESG measures that hasn’t been seen before. ESG scores measuring progress and compliance are now critical to the continued success of companies across sectors. Fortunately for these companies, mCloud’s dedication to these goals shines through in our customer-facing work – the AI, IoT and cloud technologies we leverage not only increases efficiency and production, but curbs energy waste, reduces emissions and accelerates decarbonization as well.

Helping the Global Business Community Meet their ESG Goals 

mCloud is a proven global leader in both achieving and maintaining ESG standards for the industries we serve, with the impact of our systems being felt around the globe. Here are some highlights from our report:

  • Since deploying AssetCare, mCloud has helped to reduce the annual carbon footprint of commercial buildings by 80,000 tons – the equivalent of 18,000 passenger vehicles worth of greenhouse gases.
  • mCloud customers enjoy reduced net energy consumption by as much as 25 percent, which translates to more than 120 million kilowatt hours in energy savings in a single year.
  • Our connected worker solutions cut down travel time for our industrial oil & gas customers, slashing travel by up to 50 percent and preventing 0.12 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere for every 1,000 kilometers of travel saved.
  • Smart building customers utilizing our approach to energy efficiency enjoyed reduced HVAC energy footprints by as much as 55 percent.
  • Customers in the wind space saw average annual energy production (AEP) of turbines increased by 2 percent. In our work with Longyuan Wind Power, the largest operator in China, we found an issue that had caused an 11 percent reduction in a machine’s monthly output.
  • Our work in identifying fugitive gas and pipeline leaks cut detection times for these issues down to less than 24 hours from the traditional average of 60 days or more.

Of course, all the techniques, technologies and strategies we deploy for our customers are also used internally, supporting an ESG framework that defines mCloud’s corporate culture.

mCloud’s continued Dedication to ESG

This first report was a major step for us as a company, but it is only the beginning of bringing visibility to our ESG efforts. It’s no longer enough to strive for these goals behind closed doors and in our customer-facing interactions – we realize we need to be leaders by example.

2021 will prove to be a year of change for the global community as the pandemic winds down and businesses begin to find their footing once more. There is no better time than this era of renewal and transformation to make clear the importance of ESG at every level of our operation, and encourage the same from our customers and all others who see our work.

Our CEO Russ McMeekin said it best in his message that opens our inaugural report:

“We have a responsibility to all our stakeholders to reduce our own environmental impact and carbon footprint. My focus is to ensure that we not only make an impact, but that our employees, leadership, and innovations reflect our vision of a better world. Together we will do more; more to drive change and more to improve lives and communities by building a sustainable foundation that will benefit future generations.”

We intend to make good on that vision, and ESG will continue to guide our every step along the way. Next year, we intend to come back with even stronger ESG goals, with more data and details on exactly how we’re meeting them. We welcome your feedback and input along this journey.  

mCloud ESG Report 2020
mCloud’s ESG report is a demonstration of our commitment to transparency and accountability, with details on how sustainable practices are incorporated in our business, social, environmental, and community engagement activities.
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