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Save up to 25% on your heating and cooling costs
Get peace of mind through a fully-managed solution that takes all the hard work out of reducing your energy costs and making your business energy smart.

We Take Care of Everything

AssetCare takes all the guesswork out of minimizing your energy costs, your maintenance costs, and keeping your customers comfortable. Backed by a dedicated team of experts, AssetCare keeps tabs on your HVAC units and lighting 24/7, letting you focus on running your business.


Curb your energy waste
AssetCare continuously looks for opportunities to eliminate wasted energy – for example, HVAC units that are on when they don’t need to be, or temperature settings that drive higher cost without improving comfort, resulting in lower monthly energy bills.
Get ahead of problems before they get expensive
AssetCare lets you know about HVAC and lighting problems before they happen, helping you avoid the nightmare of a unit dying in the middle of service, or the cost of having to replace a unit. As an option, we’ll even help coordinate work with a preferred service provider to send help right away.
Gain visibility across your entire portfolio
Whether you operate one restaurant or one hundred, AssetCare gives you line of sight to how your entire business is spending money on heating, cooling, and lighting – with insights into how you can save more money, operate more efficiently, and use comfort to create happier customers.

AssetCare helps the world's best restaurant brands become more energy efficient

buildings connected to AssetCare
Up to 25%
annual savings in HVAC and lighting costs
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Up to 12 tons
annual reduction in CO2 emissions per location

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. Our team of energy experts will carry out a detailed review of your business’s heating, cooling, and lighting to help you identify opportunities to be more efficient on day one.
  2. Using smart thermostats and high-tech sensors, we’ll get your HVAC units and lighting connected to AssetCare.
  3. AssetCare, backed by a dedicated live operations team, will keep an eye on your HVAC and lighting 24/7.
  4. Get instant notifications of issues and insights from the AssetCare team, along with an action plan to resolve them.
  5. All for one simple monthly price. No money upfront, no hidden fees, and zero risk – your average cost savings will always be better than the amount you pay.

Helping our customers manage their business more efficiently

"mCloud has delivered on their promise and commitment of reducing our energy costs. We were surprisingly pleased with the insights into our stores' HVAC operations in ways that we hadn't imagined."
Jim Adison
Operations Manager at Jonmar, a Dairy Queen Operator

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