HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

Healthier Air + Lower Costs = Better Business
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AssetCare is the easiest way to assure your employees and customers your indoor spaces are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

It's no longer good enough for your buildings to be energy efficient -- you need  to provide assurance they're safe and healthy too.

We have the answer:

The only all-in-one solution that uses cutting-edge AI to make sure your buildings are both safe and energy efficient.

When you need cleaner air now, AssetCare delivers.

The one thing that's going to help you reopen your doors, and bring your customers and your revenue back through those doors, is good indoor air quality. You need it now. But the indoor air quality landscape is extremely complicated; you need to know if you're doing the right thing, and more importantly, you need to know if it’s actually working.

That's where AssetCare comes in.

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Bring your customers back into your business
Show your customers that you are actively safeguarding their health by monitoring and cleansing the air in your buildings to standards that exceed WHO & CDC guidelines.
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Have 100% confidence your solution is working
Your system proactively tells you if it's working exactly as it should be, and lets you demonstrate to customers, staff, and health and safety authorities that you’ve take decisive action.
Employee productivity
Boost staff health and productivity
Increase your bottom line even more by following the science of good indoor air quality; fewer sick days and improved cognitive ability means greater productivity.

When you don’t know how to make your buildings more energy efficient, AssetCare does.

Inadequately managed HVAC systems can account for up to 40% of your monthly energy bill, between wasted energy, unexpected equipment failures, and unnecessary maintenance costs. But it's not easy to pinpoint exactly where energy is being wasted, or plan maintenance more efficiently and cost-effectively.

That's where AssetCare comes in.

Cutting costs
Cut costs without cutting corners
We can help you reduce HVAC costs by up to 25% while keeping your occupied spaces comfortable, through better energy efficiency and maintenance planning.
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Say goodbye to maintenance guesswork
Real-time diagnostics and expert guidance tell you what maintenance work is needed and when, preventing unnecessary maintenance or outages.
Mobile and desktop dashboards
Take control anywhere, anytime
Our web and mobile app lets you check in on your buildings at any time, adjust settings, and make sure everything is as it should be, right from the palm of your hand.

Consider it Managed.

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How did AssetCare help a Church Campus get double-digit energy efficiency gains and over 17% net operational savings?

Delivering fully-managed, intelligent
energy efficiency and indoor air quality

Round-the-Clock Monitoring
Our expert Live Operations team monitors your buildings 24/7 so you don't have to worry about it.

➞ Mechanical issues or deviations from optimal settings are detected in real-time and addressed immediately.

➞ We help you take the right actions at the right time. We alert you when necessary, and make remote adjustments and coordinate maintenance as needed.

➞ Key alerts include indicators for HVAC Readiness, Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation, and Comfort to ensure your system is always doing its job.
Take Control Anytime
Your real-time dashboard allows you to view your entire buildings portfolio at a glance and on the go with our mobile app.

➞ Drill down to a single site for a detailed view of each zone, or roll-up to a birds-eye overview of your entire operation.

➞ See real-time data points including temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOCs, etc., while measuring your overall indoor air quality and virus transmission risk.

➞ Review and adjust settings and set-points from anywhere.

➞ Understand the energy efficiency performance of your entire portfolio at any time.
Advanced Filtration & Air Purification Options
You’ll feel even more secure with our advanced air filteration and purification options to instantaneously measure indoor air quality and eliminate pathogens with 99% effectiveness.

➞ Active particle control kills micro particulate contaminants including COVID-19, CO2, mold, dissolved gasses and more.

➞ Choose active ionization and ultraviolet options to provide additional levels of purification.

➞ Upgrade to optional hospital grade filtration for an even greater level of protection.
Complete Hardware Package Provided
Your all-in-one solution includes a state-of-the-art hardware package and cellular connection to securely connect your building AssetCare.

➞ AssetCare works with your existing building management system if you have one, giving you remote access to it no matter where you are.

➞ We have full support for every industry standard building protocol including BACnet IP, Modbus, and Zigbee, and others, for full compatibility with your existing building management system. 

➞ Commercial grade IAQ sensors meet all certification standards including LEED, WELL v2, ASHRAE and RESET.

➞ Security is built into the solution from the ground up so you can be confident your data is safe.
Simple, Fast and Easy
We make it easy for you to get connected and start seeing the boost to your bottom line.

➞ Everything is included in one low monthly fee with absolutely no up-front costs or surprise add-ons.

➞ We take care of everything for you - installation, setup and onboarding.

➞ Our team walks you through every step to get you connected quickly.

➞ We provide automated reports that let you see exactly how your buildings perform each month.

Looking for a more advanced, enterprise solution?

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Ask us about AssetCare Enterprise: custom energy analytics and insights designed specifically for the enterprise environment.

Discover AssetCare Enterprise

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More than 7,000 buildings around the world rely on AssetCare

Zero Touch Onboarding
Zero Touch On-boarding

We take care of getting you up and running from start to finish, you don't have to lift a finger.

Lowest Cost

You'll get results faster than any other solution on the market, and for a fraction of the cost.

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Reliability Guaranteed

If any hardware provided as part of the AssetCare solution fails for any reason, we take care of it for you.

Show your customers you take their health and safety seriously.

Developed in collaboration with medical experts, our rigorous indoor air quality standards are designed to exceed health and safety guidelines from every major authority including WHO, CDC, LEED, ASHRAE, etc.

Once your buildings are connected to AssetCare for indoor air quality monitoring, we will provide you with badges you can display in your window or inside your building to reassure your customers and employees that the air inside is actively monitored, healthy, and safe. The QR code on the badge takes visitors to a web page that outlines exactly how AssetCare is keeping your building safe.

Our customers are breathing easier thanks to AssetCare, and so can you.