Industrial Video Surveillance

Industrial Video Surveillance

Whether the site is under construction, operational, decommissioned or unmanned, the safety and security of the staff and the site itself is always of prime importance.

A video surveillance system provides that extra level of security and protection. Industrial video surveillance comes with numerous inherent complexities that are not present in standard commercial applications, including the requirement to integrate with existing plant systems, monitoring the site remotely, sending email notifications, and providing video analytics.

Site Surveillance Integrated with Plant Systems

mCloud will develop a fully engineered, custom, high definition video surveillance solution that provides 24 hour safety and security. Our solutions include design, procurement and supply of equipment, drawings and documentation (including cable schedules and installation details), testing, installation, and commissioning.

At a minimum, our solutions will provide coverage of site gates and parking lots. Coverage of additional areas within the site, such as truck loading facilities, can also be included. We can also assist you in developing an industrial video surveillance standard that can be easily implemented across your organization.