Underpinning the physical networks and application-specific computers of these systems is a growing inventory of supporting infrastructure equipment and utility applications.  Under ideal conditions these are all transparent to operations.  However, mCloud realizes that the ideal conditions seldom occur and that less-than-ideal can be the norm.  Under these circumstances, infrastructure can become a burden or worse, a safety risk.  mCloud’s Industrial IT team is here to help ensure that this does not happen.

Windows Services

The Microsoft Windows operating system provides a number of key services that it and the many of the applications that run on Windows rely upon to run safely, securely and efficiently.  These services are all essential in keeping integrated control systems and Industrial IT systems up-to-date and running smoothly.  mCloud helps our clients develop and implement domain solutions and other Windows services.  mCloud can also help our clients strategize their infrastructure to fit their unique needs.

  • Active Directory domains
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and System Center
  • Distributed File System (DFS) services
  • Remote Desktop (formerly Terminal Server) services


Today's industrial environments have a great amount of data moving across networks and a requirement to retain  data for long periods of time. Information systems and IT departments are often challenged by requirements related to high security, availability, and fault tolerance, and the strict policies related to maintenance access.

mCloud can develop a working storage area network or network attached storage solution that is compatible with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), process control environments, and overall multi-system IIT architectures.  These solutions are optimized to reduce or remove reliance on Enterprise IT personnel and infrastructures while ensuring clean integration with Enterprise IT interface points and compliance with Enterprise IT policies. Finally, all storage solutions are thoroughly researched and verified to be compliant with large process control vendor requirements to ensure that your control system warranties and support plans are not placed at risk.

mCloud also recognizes that the Big Data model that has become prevalent in the commercial, banking, and large scale web site and social networks arenas has taken hold with many global scale industrial customers, particularly in the oil & gas sectors.  It offers scalability and maintenance conveniences that are unparalleled in privately-owned architectures.  Cloud-based storage and Big Data management systems are becoming more prevalent, and with them, the complexities and considerations of securely storing and protecting your information in public, private, and hybrid cloud models.  mCloud’s team of Industrial IT professionals have been closely monitoring this emerging paradigm shift in data storage and are ready to work with our customers to evaluate and help determine if this technology is right for you.


The complete scope of virtual infrastructure consists of standalone servers or PCs, BLADE servers, storage area network (SAN) storage, network-attached storage (NAS), networking devices, and virtual machines and applications.  mCloud helps our clients develop virtualized systems that are compatible with process control vendor equipment and third-party systems.  Infrastructures can be designed to accommodate everything from small single server solutions to full BLADE and SAN solutions designed to integrate with organizational release management, change management, and disaster recovery management policies and procedures.

  • Industrial virtual environments including brick and blade technologies with virtual networking and communications
  • Virtual hardware and virtual network switching design and implementation
  • O/S and application server virtualization
  • Mass storage, SAN and NAS solutions for virtualization and Industrial vendor solutions