Networks & Connectivity

Networks & Connectivity

Designing and implementing secure, robust communication and multi-tiered networking architectures for control and information systems is an integral part of mCloud's total instrumentation, electrical, and controls service offering. In developing robust network architectures, mCloud strives to maintain optimal functionality while protecting the security and reliability of critical systems. mCloud's capabilities extend beyond local communication networks to wide-area fiber, frame relay, radio, microwave, and satellite systems.

Networks - Wired

mCloud has years of advanced process control network design experience with major vendors. Our vendor independence means that mCloud is not limited to any single vendor when developing and designing infrastructures. Our wealth of knowledge about process vendor restrictions enables mCloud to supply customized, premium services to meet our clients' process control system requirements.

Networks - Wireless Transmitters

Wireless transmitter networks have become popular as a cost-effective solution for brownfield plant expansions and temporary process solutions. These transmitter networks have specific connectivity requirements to join and communicate with process control systems and distributed control systems (DCS). mCloud's IIT group can design and implement complete solutions between both the DCS and corporate IS/IT infrastructures.

Industrial networking is a discipline upon itself; it brings together traditional components of engineering and corporate IT.  mCloud’s cross-disciplinary Industrial IT team offers a broad range of technology and process services, including the following: 

Network and Infrastructure Hardware

  • Brown and green field system and infrastructure design
  • Industrially accepted standard hardware devices, including intrinsically safe equipment
  • Industrial and corporate wireless mesh, backhaul, and point-to-point services
  • Firewall and other security appliance design and configuration services for corporate and industrial security devices in the industrial setting


  • Fibre optic backbone and infrastructure design and commissioning services
  • Physical connectivity to third party field devices
  • Fibre channel and ISCSI storage for industrial systems
  • Remote and satellite location communications