Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Our experience includes not only the processors and associated I/O systems, but also communications protocols, communication networks, and bus communication systems supported by the various manufacturers.

mCloud has proven PLC design standards and processes, which results in high-quality configuration and testing/commissioning deliverables to ensure our customers' schedules and budgets are met. We provide a significant amount of system retrofit expertise with demands for high-quality design and implementation skills to achieve short production shutdown windows and potential online swing-over requirements.

Our PLC expertise includes:

  • control strategy development and implementation
  • logic description and control narrative development
  • shutdown (S/D) key development
  • simulation software development for customer acceptance testing (CAT); significantly reducing field commissioning time

Migration Strategies for End-of-Life PLCs

As PLCs approach end-of-life, whether through planned obsolescence by the vendor or due to changing requirements within the facility, planning and executing a successful migration is of critical importance to the ongoing operation and profitability of your facility. mCloud's vendor independent status means we can help you assess your current and future requirements and work with you to plan a migration strategy that maximizes your return on investment while minimizing the downtime impact to your operations.

Whether this means simply following the vendor's recommended upgrade path, as shown in the video below, or moving to a different system, mCloud's experts can help you successfully migrate your system, from the initial planning stages through to commissioning, start-up, and on-going support.